Donar dinero

Thursday, March 31, 2022

6:00pm to 8:00pm

East Rock Brewery 

285 Nicoll Street, Ste 103, New Haven, CT

¡A la luz de COVID-19, su apoyo financiero es más necesario que nunca! A medida que las escuelas pasan al aprendizaje a distancia, los distritos urbanos todavía luchan por satisfacer las necesidades de los estudiantes. Mientras tanto, el desempleo continúa aumentando: los adultos y los padres necesitan apoyo tecnológico para desarrollar habilidades significativas que ayudarán a reincorporarse a la fuerza laboral.

Con su ayuda, el apoyo financiero ampliará nuestro alcance a más familias.

Las contribuciones financieras brindan capacitación y recursos tecnológicos a más familias . Las donaciones ayudan a los niños en edad escolar a acceder al aprendizaje a distancia, mientras que los adultos se benefician al desarrollar las habilidades informáticas que se utilizan en el lugar de trabajo.

How it works:

  • Team Players: You must be part of team to be an active player.  To play, teams must fundraise a minimum of $90 (approximately $30 per player).  Each player will receive a free drink ticket and light food options.  Additional drinks may be purchased.  Additional prizes will be given to the team that raises the most funds (above $90) and the team that has the most donors.

  • In-Person Spectators: Want to join the fun from the sidelines?  Spectators are welcome!  Fundraise or make a donation of at least $30 and join us for laughs as we watch the teams challenge each other.  In-Person Spectators will receive a free drink ticket and light food options. Additional drinks may be purchased.  In-Person Spectators can also fundraise and be eligible for PRIZES!   Prizes will be given to the In-Person Spectator that raises the most funds and the In-Person Spectator that has the most donors!

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Event Sponsors:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why do I have to fundraise to attend?  Fundraising helps to engage more individuals in the work Concepts for Adaptive Learning (CfAL) is doing to close the digital literacy gap.  Every $15 we raise provides at least another hour of FREE technology education to youth, adults and senior citizens.


  • I do not like to fundraise.  Can I just pay a flat fee?  Absolutely!  Either as an individual or team member, you are can make a "donation" through your fundraising page to cover the fundraising minimum. For example, imagine "Joe" is a member of your team, and doesn't want to fundraise. Instead of Joe asking his circle of friends to make a donation - Joe can simply donate his portion of the fundraising minimum.


  • If I can't participate in the event, what happens to the donations that I have raised? All donations submitted to Concepts for Adaptive Learning are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you are unable to participate in the event, your donations cannot be refunded nor can they be transferred to another participant. The good news is that your donations will go directly to the cause as if you had participated - and make a huge impact in our community!


  • What if I haven’t met my fundraising minimum before the event?  Each team needs to fundraise $90 in your fundraising account in order for your team to play the evening of the event.  If you haven’t met your minimum requirement, you can still complete online check-in, however, and use the time between check-in and the first day of the event to finish your fundraising. If you haven’t finished your fundraising by the time online check-in closes you will need to come to the late check-in tent early on the Friday morning of the event.